Andre Dida leaves UDL

 K-1 Max and DREAM veteran, and coach of Mauricio Shogun at UDL, Andre Dida announced last week who left the team, and is ready to move to Canada. Along with his brother, Mauricio Veio, the fighter will assemble a new team in the country, the Evolução Thai.


Appeared a great opportunity for me and my brother there in Toronto. There are entrepreneurs who want to open a gym with me and my brother there. They want to open the "Evolução Thai" which is the method that my brother and I were teaching there. Its Muay Thai dedicated to MMA. They have much interest there in Canada, as my brother and I worked with it, teaching, they started to have interest. They did a very good offer for me and by the end of October we will be opening a gym in Toronto, which will be called "Evolução Thai".


With your decision, Dida is going to Canadá this week, and is looking for next challenges.


I will be training for my next fight that will be at K-1. I´ll make a great fight in Japan in November. I´m already doing training and it´s all right. I have been training for a long time and when you arrive to Canada will continue my training. Along with that will organize our entire academy that will be ready in October.

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