André Galvão ready for another challenge at Strikeforce

Less than two months after defeating Jorge "Macaco" Patino at Strikeforce, André Galvão is now back with the organization. On Saturday, he will face Tyron Woodley in one of the main fights of the night. The black belt spoke with us on fighting.



How is your expectation of returning to the ring, just two months after your last fight in Houston?


I’m ready. I like to fight and decided to take this fight. I intend to get a rhythm and be fighting directly. Thank God gave that opportunity to me and I’m ready. I am prepared and I’m already here in the United States. I’m ready for another victory.


Surprised you they called you so soon after that fight in Houston?


They asked if I wanted to fight and I said I would fight again. I said any time they wanted me I’ll be ready. That’s why they told me with only three weeks to fight. They asked if I was training and I accepted. I asked Ed Soares and we decided that I would fight. I wanted to fight and wanted to return soon. This is my job.


Have you seen anything about your opponent? Have you seen any video of him? Do you know something?


I know he is a wrestler and very hard. He is a pretty athletic and has a very good physical side. He has been fighting a while and has some more fights than me. I am prepared for the confrontation and wonder what he will try to do with me. I’m going to impose my game and bring him to my game. Hopefully, I’ll win another one.


You’re teaching jiu-jitsu in a new gym here in the U.S. How is being at the beginning of this work?


It is very good. It really is a blessing to be in that gym. Every day they have visitors and I’m with many students. I’m giving lessons for a month here and I’m already over thirty students. Thank God the gym is filling up every day and is a cornerstone for my future. An opportunity arose for me to open my own gym here and thank God it’s working. We are in a good place and well located. It has been great for me and is all new to me. Both friends and students.

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