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Since its formation in 2002, the legacy of Team TT has been the starting point of the rise of many great bjj players.  Although the team has split and the athletes have gone their separate ways, these great jiu-jitsu practitioners continue to push the envelop with their unique styles and have set the ton for the future of BJJ. One person who was apart of this wave of TT jiu-jitsu practitioners is 2x Black Belt World Champion and Strikeforce MMA Fighter Andre Galvao. Known for his hard work ethic, aggressive bjj style and his epic battles in the open weight divisions at Mundials, Andre Gavlao has risen up the ranks in the game as a figure respected and love by many in the BJJ community.
Just recently I got the opportunity to attend Andre’s seminar at the Fightzone USA Academy in Signal Hills, California. While most of the seminars I have been to focus on a variety of different techniques, Andre took a different approach. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, Andre’s seminar focused on drilling a complete game plan on how to stay active on the bottom and get dominate control all starting from the Sitting Guard position. The format he used for teaching the seminar is something similar to the concepts that he covers in his recent instructional book “Drill to Win”.
As a whole the seminar was a great and awesome experience. Andre was a very genuine and nice guy to be around. He was very helpful with assisting everyone if they had a problem with the move and answering questions about any uncertainty we had about the position that was being taught. One of the biggest lessons I took away from this seminar is how to always stay active on the bottom which is a common problem many people (including myself) have in bjj. In addition to the great instruction being taught, Andre also took his time to spar with everyone in attendance and signed everyone’s "Drill to Win" book.
 In conclusion I give Andre’s seminar a 5 out of 5, it was really worth my money & time . I really hope to go down to San Diego and train at his gym someday.


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