Angry Curmudgeon Lashes Out At Conor McGregor During Media Scrum

This is what the phrase ‘LOL’ was made for… And yes, the “angry old curmudgeon” in the title is referring to none other than Floyd Mayweather Sr… Sorry Floyd.

Moving on, Floyd Mayweather Sr. to sort of “crash” a Conor McGregor media scrum, he had some choice words for Conor and in return, Conor also had some very choice words for the old man.

“I will beat your ass my damn self,” Mayweather Sr. said. “I want my own date.”

McGregor seems to think that Mayweather and his boy have made quite a grave mistake in agreeing to face off against Conor in the ring.

“Trust me, he got greedy here,” McGregor retorted back. “That was a big mistake (taking on the fight). You misadvised him. You should’ve kept him retired. It’s your fault!”

“Your boy is going to sleep, and he’s gonna look so good in his sleep, I know he is,” McGregor continued. “I’ll tell you what, though. He’s gonna wake up a better man, I promise you that.”

Oh you thought he was done? Nah, the irishman had much, much more to say before he was through with the old boxer.

“You’re a fan, Floyd Sr. I know you’re a fan. I can see it in your eyes. You’re a fan of my sh-t,” McGregor said, which garnered laughs from the audience. “I know, I can see a fan when I f—king see one. You’re a fan. Someone send him a signed autograph.”

“You’re a fan, Floyd Sr., I know it! You’re a fan. I can see it your eyes,” McGregor said. “You’re a fan of my [expletive]. I know, I can see a fan when I [expletive] see one. You’re a fan. Someone send him a signed autograph.”


Mayweather Sr. continued to get fired up at Conor over the course of the interview

“He continuously said we give this fight for the fans. The fans want this fight, that’s why we give this fight. But in reality that’s not the case. The reason he accepted this fight and came out of retirement is because he has to. He’s in dire situations,” McGregor said.

“That is not a good situation to be in. Am I going to be up here and laugh at his situation? No, I am not. I wish him well. I wish smart with the money that he makes from this fight.”

Mayweather Sr. then started yelling back at McGregor while touting how much money his son has actually made throughout his career. McGregor responded by then taking a shot at Mayweather Sr.’s financial affairs.

“Come on, you do privates for $20. Relax. How much for a private session, Floyd? $50? You get the Mayweather experience,” McGregor said with a laugh.

Mr. Mayweather Sr. took the time to tell McGregor that every punch he threw at Jr. could result in some… “Legal action…”

“You do it your ass will be sued! You boxing,” Mayweather Sr. yelled. “That’s what you’re going to do.”

“Tell him as long as he speaks my name with respect, I will abide by the boxing rules. I’ll abide by the Marquess of Queensberry rules only if he speaks my name. If he disrespects me during this tour or during this build up then maybe I’ll just bounce an elbow off his eyebrow. So that’s on him how he does it,” McGregor said.

“As long as he’s nice and quiet and respectful, I’ll follow the Marquess of Queensberry rules. If he doesn’t, if his head dips down low, I might just wrap it up in a strangle. You know it takes three seconds to sleep a man from a strangle. An untrained neck not used to it, takes two seconds. So if I wrap around his neck and strangle him, he will be asleep within two seconds on the canvas in that ring. That’s quicker than it will take you to get into the ring. So be very, very respectful about how you speak my name.”

Kay then…

Can’t wait to see the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather Sr. superfight. 😉

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