Another Must See Epic Match Between Buchecha & Rodolfo At Worlds 2013

 Full Match Video – Buchecha Wins Double Gold Again!

Just got home from the Worlds!  Wow!  There was some crazy stuff going on.  DQ’s, Bad Calls, the works.  You know how it goes.… 

Two guys that brought it 100% Again Buchecha & Rodolfo both fought their a**es off all the way to the Finals of the Absolute. 

Match was so sick I had to share it with you right now. 

If you didn’t see Buchecha’s Free Instructional Video Series yet it is a "must-watch"! 

Video 1: The Early Years 

Video 2: Victory Walls 

Video 3: The Man Who Would Be King 

Buchecha used these same moves this year in the Absolute to defeat Rodolfo in the finals.

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