Antonio Braga Neto – Seminar Video

Paul Schreiner set up this seminar with Antonio Braga Neto at Cung Le’s gym in San Jose, California. Current Mundial super heavyweight black belt champion Antonio Braga Neto has relocated to Northern California and is for opportunities to both train and fight. Following the tradition of many top Brazilian Competitors, he is currently calling the Ralph Gracie San Francisco Academy home An accomplished competitor, “Neto”, as he is referred to by friends also has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with a skill and maturity well beyond his twenty years of age. Surprising agile for a big man, Neto’s seminar covered the basics and worked it’s way up to the techniques that have helped him personally in competition. The depth of his technique shouldn’t have come as any surprise, he is a protege of Roberto “Gordo” Correa. In this clip Neto demonstrated the finer points of the rear collar choke, and shows a way to get it on an opponent who is vigorously defending. Unfortunately because of a family commitment I was unable to stay for the entire length of the seminar, but those who attended gave the seminar high marks for the quality of instruction and Neto’s friendly demeanor. You will certainly be hearing a lot more of Neto soon!

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