Are you teaching Muay Thai but are not certified as an instructor?

Muay Thai Instructors Intensive Training Program –

There are a lot of talented people teaching Muay Thai at MMA schools, that for some reason have never been certified as an instructor. I have put together a program where I will travel to your school, spend a week working one on one with you and a partner, and certify you as an Apprentice Instructor. Or, if you have a lot of experience already, you can become an Associate Instructor. I will spend 40 hours of private time with you, or even more if need be. Hopefully, you will continue working towards Full Instructorship either through private lessons or seminars. 

I am 59 years old and have been training in martial arts for 38 years, with 22 years of that in Muay Thai. My main instructor was Suwat Sidthilaw of Thailand. We shared a house, he cooked all my meals for me, conditioned me, and certified me to teach his system.
For several years, I was the Tennessee State Director and the Southeast Regional Director for the United State Muay Thai Association.
I have also been published many times as a writer for Ultimate Grappling Magazine, Ultimate MMA Magazine, Muay Thaimes Magazine, Inside Kung Fu Magazine, and on several websites and blogs.
 I will also give you a copy of my book, which has very detailed information about each technique, along with The Wai Kru, Thai Pad and Focus Mitt drills, stretches and warm ups, cool downs, and several lesson plans.
I would also encourage you to video tape our private lessons for your own reference, and I’m always just a phone call or email away to help you any way I can.


For more information, call, text or email:

Cell:  (559) 480-7806


Facebook page:  Kruu Rick




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