Asserting Your Dominance With An Attack From Back Mount

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Implementing an attack from back mount can be one of the more useful tools that a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practionar can deploy upon their opponent.  However, with the game ever evolving, back mount defense is becoming more and more difficult to deal with.

Stubborn opponents will refuse to give up their back, and will see to defend it at any and all costs.  Being able to work against these defenses is a absolute must if you want to become a more offensive and dangerous opponent.

Let’s take a peak as to how you can nullify your opponent’s stingy defense, and turn it into an opportunity for you to score a slick submission finish!

Methodically Breaking Your Opponent Down

The tricky thing about this setup is our starting point.  We start by already having our opponents back, but with only one hook in.  Chances are very great that they are aware of our intentions, and on their knees and elbows, giving you little to no space.

Can we hop to the other side and apply our second hook?  Sure, but this will also keep our chest further away from the back of our opponent, which makes life on us a little more difficult, despite having that second hook established.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the placement of your sternum.  A good point of reference is to keep it firmly pressed up against the shoulder blades of your opponent, which will allow you be much safer, and have better control of what you do next.

While maintaining this pressure on the back of our opponent, make sure to always keep your top hand near the neck!  This will act as a tool for our actual sweep move, but also a reminder to your opponent that you can choke them at any moment should you chose to.

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Transitioning Into Full Back Mount & Going For The Submission Finish!

To score the actual transition, there’s more to the equation than just holding on their back waiting for your opening, you must go and create it yourself!

·       Take your opposite hand, and place it on the inside of your opponent’s thigh.

·       With your top arm, chop into your opponents arm.  Be careful not to remove your grip, but chop into their elbow with yours.  Think of it as your elbow is pinching into theirs.

·       If done properly, this will drop their shoulder onto the mat, which will give you a much higher chance of scoring the transition.

·       To execute this move, don’t try to muscle them.  Simply drive forward and over their shoulder, which will allow you to roll onto your back, with their body in front of you.

·       Make sure to keep your hand on their thigh as a placeholder until you can bring your off leg over and insert your second hook.

·       From here, you have full back mount and can go for the finish!

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