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Carson’s Corner: MFC President Mark Pavelich responds to his critics

By Bob Carson / February 20, 2010

As the next fight show promoted by the Maximum Fighting Championship draws near, MFC president Mark Pavelich finds himself mired in something of a controversy. We’re delighted that we are able to bring you Mark’s definitive statement about this situation. After you hear this interview, you’ll wonder whether the media created this drama and, if […]


Carson’s Corner: Dan Quinn is back for one more round!

By Bob Carson / March 19, 2009

To listen to the show, click here:http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comThe rumors are true! Outspoken stevia advocate and feared MMA striker Dan Quinn returns to Carson’s Pit to wrestle with more of your uncensored listener questions and feedback. Join Bob and Dan for a discussion on being enveloped by a golden halo, making money from the miracle of stevia […]


War Machine arrested for trespassing in Carson’s Pit!

By Bob Carson / March 12, 2009

To listen to the show, click here:http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comSound the alarm! Carson’s Corner sensors detect the presence of another controversial and outspoken guest, this time the man known simply as “War Machine.” Tune in to hear the former Jon Koppenhaver go on the record about his past, present and future shenanigans, including his multiple arrests for public […]


Vernon “Tiger” White and UFC fighter Todd Duffee on Carson’s Corner

By Bob Carson / March 6, 2009

To listen, click here: http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comToday’s guests are Vernon “Tiger” White and Todd Duffee. Catch up on the latest in Tiger’s world, as Bob puts the Lion’s Den veteran through a grilling inquisition. You’ll hear about where he’s been, where he’s going and everything in between. Vernon opens up to Bob and, by extension, you, the […]


Ken Shamrock visits Carson’s Corner

By Bob Carson / February 26, 2009

To listen, click here: http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comHall of Famer Ken Shamrock is the guest on today’s episode of Carson’s Corner. Fresh off his win over Ross Clifton, Ken stopped by Carson Plaza and sat down for a one-on-one with fellow Hall of Famer Bob Carson. Bob pulled out all the stops and got answers to questions that […]


Carson’s Corner: Listener Q&A with Dan Quinn!

By Bob Carson / February 18, 2009

To listen to the show, click here:http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comDue to an unprecedented volume of listener email directed to recent guest Dan Quinn, we have decided to ask the man himself to come back and provide the answers that you want. People always find a lot to be entertained and enlightened by when Dan shows up, and this […]


Carson’s Corner: Maximum Fighting’s Mark Pavelich is the guest

By Bob Carson / February 12, 2009

To listen, click here: http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comWe are very pleased to have Mr. Mark Pavelich, president and CEO of Maximum Fighting Champsionships, back on the show. On this episode, you’ll hear Mark and Bob discuss the very impressive upcoming MFC card, scheduled to take place on February 20. This card is possibly the best MFC offering yet, […]


Carson’s Corner Travis Lutter Returns!

By Bob Carson / February 6, 2009

To listen to the show, click here: carsonscorner.podomatic.com He’s back! Popular guest of the show Travis Lutter returns to talk shop with Bob inside Carson’s Pit. As well as providing an update on his fight career, Lutter discusses the recent St. Pierre “greasegate” controversy and his thoughts on the undisputed champ. The man sometimes known […]


Carson’s Corner: Diego Sanchez and Dan Quinn

By Bob Carson / February 3, 2009

To listen to the show, click here: carsonscorner.podomatic.com Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez took a few minutes away from training for his February 21 fight against Joe Stevenson to stop by Carson’s Corner. Diego and host Bob Carson discussed the drop to 155, training for the Stevenson fight, Diego’s new nutrition regimen, his girlfriend and much more. […]


Carson’s Corner: Dan Quinn and Tommy Rojas

By Bob Carson / January 16, 2009

To listen, click here: carsonscorner.podomatic.comWe have two very entertaining and informative guests on tap for you today on Carson’s Corner. First up is Mr. Dan Quinn. Dan is a former Notre Dame football player who also competed professionally in the sports of boxing and MMA. Dan and Bob sat down for a long talk this […]

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