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Legendary kickboxer and MMA newcomer Rick Roufus joins Carson!

By Bob Carson / November 4, 2008

To listen to the show, click here: http://carsonscorner.podomatic.comAnother exciting edition of Carson’s Corner is here! This time, the legendary Rick “The Jet” Roufus flies into Carson’s Pit. Will “The Jet” and Bob get crazy before the election and try to buzz the control tower? Tune in to find out! Bob and Rick sit down to […]


Carson talks UFC payola, Perchaluk, Ishii, Seth vs. Kimbo rematch and more!

By Bob Carson / November 2, 2008

To listen to the show, click here: carsonscorner.podomatic.comCarson’s Corner returns with an unexpected surprise-attack show! On this episode, MMA newcomer Brett Perchaluk joins Bob to discuss his training and career. In addition that interview, Bob also talks about the underreported “pay for play” scandal involving the UFC, an update on Satoshi Ishii’s training for MMA […]


Carson’s Corner: Ed Fishman discusses MMA and the economic downturn

By Bob Carson / October 27, 2008

To listen to the show, click here: carsonscorner.podomatic.comEntertainment entrepreneur and gaming industry stalwart Ed Fishman is the guest on this episode of Carson’s Corner. The main topic of discussion between Ed and Bob was the state of MMA, particularly in Las Vegas, in light of the drastic economic downturn in the United States. Few people […]


Phyllis Lee and Carson talk UFC, Pavia, Lesnar, Kimbo and more!

By Bob Carson / October 16, 2008

Phyllis Lee and Carson talk UFC, Pavia, Lesnar, Kimbo and more! Carson returns with another exciting episode! This time “The First Lady of NHB” Phyllis Lee steps back into Carson’s Pit to discuss important events from around the world of MMA. Phyllis is one of the most experienced managers in the sport and she pulls […]


MMA striking mastermind Shawn Tompkins talks Kimbo, Gina and more!

By Bob Carson / October 6, 2008

Fresh off the news of Kimbo Slice’s devastating loss to Seth Petruzelli at EliteXC, standout MMA striking coach Shawn Tompkins joins Carson to discuss the upset…and more! As well as giving his insight on Kimbo getting TKOed, Tompkins also analyzes Gina Carano’s performance and talks about his future in the sport as a trainer and […]


MMA missionary Brian Ebersole sends word from Australia!

By Bob Carson / October 4, 2008

On this NEW episode of Carson’s Corner, Bob goes “down under” by throwing a shrimp on the figurative barbie and dialing international as MMA ‘Fightertainer’ Brian Ebersole joins the show for an update from Australia – home of reggae-rock five piece “Men at Work” and “Crocodile Dundee” star Paul Hogan. Ebersole gives Carson all the […]


Jiu-jitsu James Bond Gumby battles sharks in Carson’s Pit!

By Bob Carson / September 21, 2008

n this episode of Carson’s Corner, Ralph Gracie black belt and founder of the hugely influential OnTheMat.com website Alan “Gumby” Marques steps into Carson’s Pit to grapple with the master of MMA radio! Gumby shares his unique perspective on the evolution of BJJ and grappling – including some of the competitors who give the sport […]


Ken Pavia joins Carson to talk world domination!

By Bob Carson / September 17, 2008

Ken Pavia is one of MMA’s most lovable rogues, and today he steps back into Carson’s Pit to thrash out more important issues! “The Pav” is always one of the most outspoken and entertaining figures from the combat sports world, and when he and Carson get together the result is always dy-no-mite! Bob and Pav […]


Jay Hieron visits Carson’s Corner!

By Bob Carson / September 14, 2008

Jay Hieron, a veteran of the IFL, UFC and WEC, dropped by to reveal that he has made a change regarding his management team. No longer is Hieron with manager Monte Cox. On this show you will hear why he has signed with the high-powered team at MMA Agents. Jay and Bob talk about this […]

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