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Interview with Ryan Hall

By Bobby Ditona / December 1, 2010

For starters here’s a few of Ryan Hall’s accomplishments: 2010 Chicago Open Absolute Champion (black) 2010 Chicago Open Champion (black medio) 2009 Abu Dhabi Bronze (<65.9 kg) 2009 Mundial Bronze (brown pena) 2009 ADCC Trials Champion (<65.9 kg) 2008 Mundial Champion (purple leve) 2008 European Champion (purple leve) 2008 Brasiliero Bronze (purple leve) 2007 No-Gi […]


Skipper Kelp Interview

By Bobby Ditona / May 10, 2005

“Saigon” Skipper KelpBoxing Coach and Cornerman # Pro boxing record of 24 wins and 4 losses with 18 wins by way of knock out.# 4 time National Amateur Boxing Champion.# Head Coach of the University of Las Vegas boxing teamBD: First off I wanted to say thank you for taking the time out of your […]