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Last of the Buchecha DVD’s!

By Buchecha / October 25, 2012

Hey if your thinking about getting the Buchecha Total Control System DVD Series… 

Remember, it’s the people that take the action that get the glory.   
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   Not everyone succeeds in life. 

You know why? 

   Not everyone goes for it. 

What separates the winners from the losers is […]


Buchecha nearly RIPPED HIS ARM OFF!!

By Buchecha / October 15, 2012

 Last night, Buchecha nearly took off Roger Gracie’s arm AND Foot in and incredible display of Jiu Jitsu.    No one has ever come that close to submitting Roger Gracie.    You can get a free series of moves where Buchecha shows everything that he used against Roger and the stuff he used to win […]