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The hard ships of starting out

By cagecombatsports / January 30, 2011

We all know the feeling of being brand new to the sport of MMA or any combative sport for that matter.  We want to learn as quick as we can be there everyday.  But as we all have found out, it takes a while to learn the techniques correctly.  It isn’t an over night thing.  […]


The Lightweight RFO title home to Wreckroom Athletics

By cagecombatsports / January 18, 2011

On saturday if you were at the Richland County Fairgrounds you got to see 15 great fights.  One of the best fights that night was Julian Lane vs Michael Williams.  Both were game to get this fight going.  It didn’t take Julian long to take Williams down.  Though it was not part of the game […]


Fighting out of Wreckroom Athletics Julian

By cagecombatsports / January 8, 2011

Everyone at Wreckroom Athletics is focused in on getting Julian ready for his upcoming light weight tiltle fight against "Karate" Mike Williams.  As the days have gone by Julian has become more and more focused for this fight.  He is more ready for this fight then anyother fight.  I know standing across the cage from […]


Wreckroom Athletics

By cagecombatsports / January 2, 2011

I am a member of a MMA gym named Wreckroom Athletics.  It is a great gym located at: 1283 S. Trimble Rd., Mansfield, Ohio, 44907.  Owner Brian Smiley is the one who runs the show, a soft spoken man that packs a powerful punch.  He not only runs the gym but also fights MMA professionally as […]