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Tony Tipton: Competition Consistency

By monta2damax / April 14, 2011

Competition is key to becoming better at any sport. A history has shown us we have seen some of the best in the world grow in competition from their blue belts days to world class black status. In this interview we sit down with Head instructor of Genesis BJJ Black Belt Tony Tipton , discuses the importance […]


Cobrinha’s Grand Opening Event

By monta2damax / April 7, 2011

By Mike Chapman   As the Pan absolute finals were taking place in Irvine, Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles was rushing back to his Los Angeles home to prepare for his grand opening. The challenge: To bake 3 cakes, arrange the academy, and prepare a speech for a crowd of jiu-jitsu fans. “This is more stressful than […]


Caio Terra- The Use of Steriods

By monta2damax / April 6, 2011

 It was just two weeks ago that Caio Terra once again added another pan am title to his already impressive resume. After his amazing performance, during an interview with Budovideos.com , Caio made a strong statement that sent shockwaves throughout the jiu-jitsu universe concerning the use of steroids. In this interview we sit down with […]


Andrew Smith : Being a Good Instructor

By monta2damax / March 30, 2011

It is said that the purpose of teaching goes far beyond the transfer of information it is used to create the potential for improvement in one’s life. Behind every great athlete there is an instructor that passes the knowledge to the individual to reach a pinnacle of success. In this interview BJJ Black Belt Andrew […]


Andy Hrovat :Mental Toughness

By monta2damax / March 22, 2011

When it comes to competing, it is said that the preparation for battle is 10 % physical and 90 % mental. Many practitioners enter the gym putting 100 % effort into the physical aspect of training for a fight. However once one enters the arena negative thoughts of doubt and fear plagues the persons mind […]


Chris Visentin : Road To Championship Status

By monta2damax / March 9, 2011

Hard work, commitment, and sacrifice these are some of the ingredients of what it takes to become a world champion. Many aspiring athletes enter the sport with the idea of becoming the best not knowing the hard road that lies ahead for them to reach that pinnacle of greatness. In this interview BJJ World Champion […]


OTM Exclusive Interview: Tim Kennedy

By monta2damax / February 24, 2011

Before his big fight on March 5th at Strikeforce  I got the opportunity sit down with Strikeforce Middleweight contender Tim Kennedy as we get an in-depth look at what motivates him as a fighter and his preparation for his upcoming fight against Melvin Manhoef.   Being a former Army Ranger, How has that helped you as an […]


Millennia MMA Student Profile: Stephen Martinez

By monta2damax / February 16, 2011

Since its doors opened over a decade ago Millennia MMA has been an academy that has produced many world class athletes that have achieved success in the grappling and mma circuit.In this feature we interview new Millennia prodigy Stephen Martinez as he shares with us how his passion and drive for the sport as lead […]


Jay Hayes- Being a Good Training Partner

By monta2damax / February 8, 2011

While most forms of marital arts rely solely on katas, forms, and constant repetition , in Brazilian jiu-jitsu most of the stuff we learn and practice must be used with a training partner. Everyday on the mat we come in contact with different people each with their own unique style of doing jiu-jitsu, some providing […]


Beyond the Mat with Budo Jake

By monta2damax / February 2, 2011

An enthusiast is a person who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit. While most Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners main focus is to reach world championship status there are some that just have a genuine love for the art. In this interview we take a look at how a man took his love for […]

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