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Pancrase World Championship 08

By Ricky Lundell / March 19, 2008

2008 PANCRASE WORLD SUBMISSION WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP Lightweight Division -1st – Ricky Lundell2nd – Brian Wood (Next Level)3rd – Arsenio Baca (Jackson’s)4th – Eric Bork (Jackson’s) Ricky Lundell Vs. Nick Meding – Nick Meding Took a shot, Ricky counter himto front head lock where Nick Meding Spun out fast., and Ricky sat back andpulled Nick very […]


Grapplers Unite Tournament Information

By Ricky Lundell / May 6, 2005

Hi everyone, this is Richard Lundell, President of Grapplers Unite. I would like to give you all some information on the Grapplers Unite Tournamentcoming to Utah May 21st, 2005. We are expecting over 350 competitors to compete from all over the West Coast. We have personally contacted every listed school on the West Coast. Our […]