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Training Judo for Jiu-Jitsu on outskirts of Rain Forest in Brazil

By tatame / May 30, 2011

On CR Escapes first trip we will travel to the Davis Farm bordering untouched Brazilian Rain Forest to train Judo for Jiu-Jitsu. Alex Davis 5X Rio de Janeiro Judo Champ Brazilian National Judo Champ 6X FL state Judo Champ US National Masters Judo Champ 3X Pan Am BJJ Champ Intl. Masters BJJ Champ This is […]


Brazileiros – Competing in Brazil + Hang Gliding

By tatame / May 19, 2011

Real Rio Show 3.2 – WATCH REAL RIO SHOW 3.2 Jiu-jitsu! Jiu-jitsu! Real Rio Show heads to the historic Tijuca Tennis Club for the Brasileiros, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu national championships. One of the most well-known BJJ competitions in the world, the Brasileiros attracts the best in Brazilian and international talent. Find out what it’s really like […]


RRS in Rio de Janerio Favela

By tatame / May 10, 2011

With no small amount of nervousness, the cast of Real Rio Show head to a favela! After checking out the delights of the local market and trying some street food, they visit a social outreach program run by professional MMA and Muay Thai fighter, Edu Pachu. Edu has taught Muay Thai to young people in […]


Real Rio Show (bonus video)

By tatame / May 6, 2011

Take a look at a typical training session at Evolve MMA / Gordo Jiu-Jitsu in Barra Da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Taught by black belt Dennis Asche and with a heavy focus on drilling and sparring, the class is primarily attended by the house guests of Connection Rio. Many are preparing for the upcoming Brasileiros […]


Real athletes, Real Life, Real Rio! Real Rio Show – Episode 2 Part 2

By tatame / April 20, 2011

 Real Rio Show Episode 2 Part 2 follows a number of the cast into No-Gi training at Gordo Jiu-jitsu/Evolve MMA. Much of the focus is on specific and live training during the class taught by Rafael dos Anjos. See Rafael training with Robson Gracie Jr., Danilo "Moto Serra" and more!   REAL RIO SHOW – […]


Real Athletes, Real Life, Real Rio! Episode 2 P.1

By tatame / April 15, 2011

 Real Rio Show Episode 2 part 1: Hear more from Roberto Correa on Jiu-jitsu in Brazil; more BJJ training at GJJ Novo Leblon, with footage of a few techniques; then chill outside at Bar do Oswaldo, with the RRS cast.al Rio Show Episode 2 part 1 – Hear more from Roberto Correa on Jiu-jitsu in Brazil; […]


Real Athletes, Real Life, Real Rio! – Episode 1 – Part 3

By tatame / April 13, 2011

 Real Rio Show Episode 1 Part 3: This part brings you to Roberto “Gordo”‘s Novo Leblon academy for training with the resident athletes. Watch as Roberto “Gordo” himselfs demonstrates a sweep and submission from guard. All the while, get to know more of the cast. Enjoy the Show!   Watch Real Rio Show

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