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View As Web PageFrank Edgar Wins at UFC 73 Congratulations to Frank Edgar on his win over BJJ Black Belt, Marc Bocek. Frank trained like a mad man for this fight. He trained at least twice a day.(2-3 hrs each session). His average day of training began with workout sessions with his boxing, kickboxing and wrestling coaches (Elite Wrestling), then Frank battled traffic for over an hour to get to Philadelphia to train Jiu-Jitsu at Balance Studios.

At Balance, he worked out with our purple, brown, and black belts to prep for his fight against the Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Bocek. We specifically focused on Submission defense, just in case the fight went to the ground.

I have not seen his fight yet. I should have the video soon for those of you who train at Balance. For the rest of you, I believe that it will be shown on UFC Fight Night at some point. I will let you know as soon as I know.

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Balance Studios, 109-115 S 24th st, Philadelphia, Pa 19103, USA

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