Battle of the Rising Stars

The Quiet Cannon in Montebello California this past Friday played host to Spar Star Promotions inaugural MMA show dubbed “Battle of the Rising Stars”.The Quiet Cannon in Montebello California this past Friday played host to Spar Star Promotions inaugural MMA show dubbed “Battle of the Rising Stars”. For their first show the promoter not wanting to disappoint the MMA fans put together an exciting card filled with action packed bouts.

The card that night including Elite XC veteran and current CCC LW champion Joe “Plentee of Skills” Camacho along with UFC veteran and Team Rampage wrestling coach Zach “Libson Outlaw” Light. Also featured that night were fighters from Team Rampage, Team Gokor and several other MMA teams from across Southern California. Although most of these fighters had less then 5 total fights that did not stop them from putting up one hell of a show that would leave MMA fans with the satisfaction that only comes from watching an MMA fight.

In the main event of the night the promoter would feature two veterans of the sport as CCC LW champion Joe “Plentee of Skills” Camacho would take on wrestling stand out Zach “Libson Outlaw” Light. After the bell rang for round one everyone watching would be surprised as both fighters who strengths lye in their ground work would keep it on the feet and look for the KO using jabs, straights and overhand rights. As the fight wore on though Camacho would get the better of Light cutting him over both eyes before landing in top position after a slip by light. From inside Light’s guard Camacho would work to pass and transition to mount where he would begin to land some brutal ground and pound that would make the Light signal the ref verbally to stop the fight giving Camacho the TKO victory.

The Co-main event of the night would feature Greg “The Smooth” Guzman (2-1) fighting out of San Jacinto Grappling as he would take on MKA Combat fighter Phillip Golff (1-1). In a dominating performance by Guzman he used basic punches, leg kicks, takedowns along with the top position while on the ground to control every aspect of the fight. Each time the ref would either stand them up or Golff would scramble back to his feet Guzman would land strikes and score another takedown en-route to landing elbows and punches from within Golff’s guard. Golff’s only offense would come would come late in the third round as he would stuff Guzman’s take down and push him down to his back but Guzman would never let him take advantage as he would use the rubber guard to stall out any offensive maneuver Golff would attempt. In the end the judges would award Guzman the Unanimous victory as all three judges scored the bout 30-27.

In a 135lbs match up Body Shop fighter and wrestling stand out Maurice “Syko” Eazel (3-8) would take on Boxing Zone fighter Kevin “Dynamite” Dunsmoor (6-1). From the sound of the bell Eazel would use his wrestling ability to take control of the fight as he would constantly take Dunsmoor down and control him from the top position. Although Dunsmoor would never let Eazel get passed half guard he would still have to deal with the strikes and top control that Eazel would use to frustrate him for most of the fight. In round two however Dunsmoor would calm down and work from the guard position as he would catch Eazel in an armbar that would make Eazel scramble to alleviate the pressure but as Dunsmoor would readjust the arm he would hyperextend it further forcing Eazel to tap. In a Lightweight contest New Breed Academy fighter Sean Robinson (1-0) would take on Team Hayastan fighter Sevak Magakian (1-2). As both fighter came out it would Robinson who would attempt to keep the fight standing as he looked to land leg kicks and punches while circling his opponent. However Magakian would have a different game plan as he would initiate the clinch and work his Judo skills from there scoring several Uchi matas on his opponent. To Robinson’s credit he would be able to scramble back to his feet after the first few but as Magakian would stay consistent with his throws he would at last land in scarf hold position and keep Robinson down. From the scarf hold position Magakian would land a few punches before locking up an armbar using his thigh muscle that would make Robinson tap out to avoid having his arm broken just past the 2 minute make of round one. In what was a classic striker vs. grappler war Jay Silva (1-0) fighting out of Team Rampage would take new comer and CSW fighter Oozy Avalos. Although Silva would show to be an explosive striker it would be Avalos who would use his wrestling ability to take control of the fight. Takedown after takedown Avalos would land punches and elbows from top position as he worked to pass his opponents guard throughout the fight. Silva on the other hand would constantly work to get back to his feet to attempt to knock out his shorter opponent using knees, punches and kicks. In the third knowing he was down on the score cards Silva would go for broke and land a vicious knee to the head of Avalos that would drop his opponent forcing the ref to call the fight giving Silva the win via KO.

Official Results

Bobby Sanchez def Louie Moreno via Decision (Unanimous) R3 3:00

Kevin Dunsmoor def Maurice Eazel via Submission (Armbar) R2 0:58

Sevak Magakian def Sean Robinson via Submission (Armbar) R1 1:09

Jay Silva def Ozzy Avalos via Knock Out (Knee to the head) R3 0:42

Jose Hernandez def Bradshaw Soaia via Submission (Verbal due to strikes) R2 2:33

Greg Guzman def Phillip Golff via Decision (Unanimous) R3 3:00

Joe Camacho def Zach Light via Submission (Verbal due to strikes) R1 3:44

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