BC’s FTCC Grand Opening!!!

Shooto Legend Hiroyuki Abe will be conducting a 3 hour seminar at FTCC from 1pm-4pm on Saturday, August 16th. He will be teaching both his dynamic MMA and Grappling techniques. The cost will be $100 at the door, and $80 if you pre-register by emailing d_uyenoyama@yahoo.com. Space is limited and you won’t see these skills anywhere else in the U.S, so pre-registration is advised.

His students and training partners include many of todays top MMA Fighters such as…

Joachim Hansen – Dream Lightweight GP ChampionMegumi Fuji – Smack Girl, and Shooto FighterJosh Barrnett – Sengoku, and Affliction Fighter. Former UFC ChampAntonio Carvalho – Shooto FighterMelvin Manhoef – Dream FighterZelg Galesic – Dream FighterSayaka Shinoda – 2007 ADCC Women’s World Championetc…

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