Becoming A Feared Ground Striker

 There are countless ways for a fighter to evolve.  If you are a boxer, you may lack a ground game so you’ll likely focus on that, or maybe you want to become a sound submission expert.  No matter what, there is always a new tool that you can add to your arsenal of skills in order to become a better fighter.  One of the underrated ways become a more evolved fighter is to become a feared ground striker.

Today, I’m going to take a look at a neat technique as demonstrated by Renato Migliaccio.  Renato shows two quick setup techniques that will help you put your opponent in a tough position, which will in return make scoring the TKO finish that much easier!

It’s safe to say if you master these skills, you’ll be a force inside the cage.

Two Slick Arm Trap Setups

In order to reach our goal and make sure that our opponent is only working with one arm, there are two ways we can go about eliminating it from the equation:

·       From side control, maintain heavy pressure on their arm by pinning it to their body.

·       Next, take your top leg and step over their head, almost as if you were sitting down on their chest.

·       The last step, simply take your leg and bring it back to its previous position, this time making sure to trap the arm once you replace the leg.

This should leave their arm in a position where they can’t free it.  However, this may not always work, given the clear risk you’re taking, so here’s another approach you can use:

·       Setup a strike in order to get them to raise their arm.

·       Upon doing so, obtain firm wrist control.

·       Slightly arch your back upwards, creating a space between your chest and their torso.

·       Once you see the opening, stuff their arm to the body and pin it there.

The Psychological Edge Of The Ground & Pound Attack

For a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, you must be confident and able to strike fear in your opponents anywhere possible.  While there are wrestlers and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu players that can make your life miserable, there is something that a ground and pound fighter brings to the table that they can’t.

Imagine being placed on your back and having someone on top of you.  First off, being on the ground can be miserable in its own right, but now that they are looking to drop some strong shots on you, it gets worse.

When the top fighter has the ability to use the leverage and gravity behind their punches, things can take a turn for the worst in the blink of an eye.  That extra force, going at a downward motiong and hitting something that can hardly move spells disaster.

All it takes is the right amount of force and proper placement for you to go to sleep off of one of these strikes.  Heck, ground and pound is so lethal, that often times we see refs stop a fight before too many of these shots can find a home!

Being able to add these types of tools to your arsenal will do wonders for your game, and make you a vicious Mixed Martial Arts fighter.

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