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Champions many times over, Bibiano, at 135 pound is probably pound for pound one of the finest jiujitsu practicioners in the worldOTM: What caused you to start training Jiu Jitsu ? Bibano: I had two friends who already trained Washington and Jonas – we ever was together and they convinced me to train with them. I was 17 years old and I liked a lot the first contact which I had with Jiu Jitsu.

OTM: Are your two friends still training ?Bibano: Only Jonas, who is state of Manaus champion.

OTM: Tell me your profile. Bibano:I am 22 years old, 1,62cm and 62kg

OTM: Which are your main or more important titles ? Bibano:Twice MUNDIALS champion, 3x Brazilian champion and 4x State of Amazonas champion.

OTM: You are a guy from Manaus, Amazonas; but you come to compete here in Rio de Janeiro and you train here too. So are there much differences between the Jiu Jitsu from Amazonas and from Rio de Janeiro ?Bibano: There in Manaus my trainings are hardest because there are no light teammates, only strongest guys than me. I think also, the other difference is the lack of incentive for us in Manaus. Here in Rio the fighters have sponsors and other good incentives to keep themself compete, while there in Manaus we need to count with lucky to have that. I thank GOD because I have a sports secretary such as “Janjão” and the governor of Amazonas, Eduardo Braga. Both support me a lot.

OTM: Who did you get you black-belt and when did it happen ? Bibano:I received my black-belt from my Master Osvaldo Alves and this happened in August of 2002.

OTM: From all your fights, which was the best in your opinion ? Bibano: I had several good fights, but maybe against Ricardo Vieira and Marco Aurélio I performed good. In 2001 I made a very good fight on the final of MUNDIALS against Huson Rocha (BTT), that was my first high level competition and I liked my game plan on that fight.

OTM: You got more recognition for your name after those two fight in two different stages of Desafio Black-Belt de Jiu Jitsu. What can you tell us about those fights ?Bibano: Against Viera happened an unexpected thing. Nobody expected that submission, I came on him to win, of course, but that submission was unexpected. However he let this opportunity for me and I caught him with a wristlock. I got to submit too, Marcelo Santos in my second participation, Santos is too much humility, a nice person.

OTM: Desafio Black-Belt of Jiu Jitsu is the night of gala of Jiu Jitsu. How did you get an invite to fight there? Where did you place ? Bibano:My performances in Brazilian Championship 2001 and in MUNDIALS 2002. On the Brazilian tourney I fought 5 times and I submitted my 5 adversaries. The same happened in MUNDIALS 2003 when I fought 4 times and the destiny of my opponents was the tapout too.

OTM: Did you feel any pressure on fighting a world class fighter such as Ricardo Vieria is ?Bibano: I did not feel nothing – pressure or responsibility – I am always determined on fighting with me best, trusting in my game. I believe a lot in GOD and HE tranquilizes me before the fights.

OTM: Being like this besides to be a skilled fighter, are you a relaxed guy on the mat ? Bibano: I think I and concentrated and calm, Jiu Jitsu is a game to fight with brain and not with muscles. So if you have a tranquil mind, you get an advantage to you.

OTM: The last two years were good for you, because you won everything. So what are you expecting for 2003 ?Bibano:I intend to keep my conquers in MUNDIALS and Desafio black-belt, besides the State Championship of Amazonas. I only ask GOD to put the right things in my way, because I am ready to fight.

OTM: Would you like to fight in any no gi competitions like Submission or ValeTudo ?Bibano:I have a proposal to fight ValeTudo in July, but nothing is confirmed. If the pursue is good I will fight, or then I will let this decision for my masters to decide.

OTM: Are you not still to young to fight ValeTudo ? Bibano:I think this does not exist – to be or not young – I think that I need to take advantage while I am still young, because if I wait, the time can pass fast.

OTM: Do you have an idols in BJJ? Bibano:I admire all fighters, but if you want names I will tell. I like Ronaldo “Jacaré” Santos, Fernando “Tererê” and Fredson Paixão.

OTM: You spoke three guys, two(Paixão and “Jacaré”) are from the same hometown than you. Do you try to base your game on the games of Paixão and “Jacaré” ? Bibano: There are people who like to compare, because we are from Manaus, but I do not. I try to conquer a place with my game. The only things between us which equal are the will and because we came from a poor place.

OTM: Some insiders already compared you with Paixão. Do you like or not?Bibano:Yeah they did that, but Paixão is a excellent fighter and I am still smaller than him. He already conquered a lot of thing in Jiu Jitsu and I am an up&comer. The fans and insiders compare us because we have the same school and our game is to come on of the opponents.

OTM: Is the level of state of Amazonas championship high? Bibano: I think the competition is good but we can not compare with the Rio de Janeiro tourneys, however I think we get a good experience to fight in Rio de Janeiro tourneys and to fight Amazonas one. By the way, lately our Jiu Jitsu stopped of growing.

OTM: Is there any competitor who you would like to face ?Bibano: I do not choose opponents and if the promoters choose the best to fight against me, and these opponents have the same weight than me, I fight. No doubts about that.

OTM: What is the importance of Osvaldo Alves in you life and career ? Bibano: He is a person who helped me a lot since my beginning in Jiu Jitsu, I have too much to thank him. All technique I learned was with master Alves and master Faustino “Pina” Netto. I also I would like to say the name of my girlfriend, Grazielle, she supported me a lot and I think everybody needs a person to be in your side to incentive you.

OTM: Do you train in other Grappling martial Arts besides fight Jiu Jitsu ?Bibano: No I do not. I have facility to learn all Jiu Jitsu’s aspects, so I think my game is good.

OTM: What do you mean with that ?Bibano: I think GOD gave me a good the talent to learn the positions and other good Jiu Jitsu tools. So, for while, I think I do not need to base my game on Judo or no gi techniques.

OTM: Paixão and you are users of wirst-lock. How did it come to you ? Bibano: This is a skill which works when the opponent does not pay attention over his wrist. This skill came from our school, master Alves is smart to take advantage of each minor detail.

OTM: Does a wrist-lock open places for other skills ? Bibano:Yeah, sometimes the opponent defends the wrist-lock he provided a mount position and takedowns.

OTM: Can you tell us a fight where this happened ?Bibano: I do not remember the name of the guy, but I come on a wrist-lock, he defended and he lost his base, so I got to take him down. Wirst-lock is very efficient skill.

OTM: Besides the competitions, what do you like to do other than practice Jiu Jitsu ?Bibano: I like to run and weight-training, this make part of Jiu Jitsu training. This is good because such as the Jiu Jitsu is too much competitive, these thing are important and like I adore to do them, I have a point at my favor.

OTM: Do have intentions on living in Rio de Janeiro ?Bibano: I did, nowadays I do not have more will. This is not because I love my girlfriend and she lives there, but because the Jiu Jitsu of Amazonas need good fighter living there to attract practicing. A lot of persons told me to live in Rio de Janeiro, because in Amazonas I would not win nothing. But I proved they were wrong, I was Brazilian and MUNDIALS champion, and I got to call the attention over Amazonas’ fighters. “Jacaré” and myself are important to Amazonas because we fight and win the events, but we still keep ourself living in Amazonas.

OTM: So did your get some recognition over this your decision ? (to fight all event, but keep yourself living in Amazonas)Bibano:The Sports Secretary of Amazonas, “Janjão”, supports us a lot and with that we can have good resources to train in Manaus.

OTM: Are you going to fight in the Pan Arms ? Bibano:I intend to fight a Pan Arms, but not now. Maybe in 2004 I will be competing there.

OTM: Hey man, what kind of music do you like ?Bibano: I like evangelic songs and rap musics like Eminen and Snoopy Doggy Dog.

OTM: Would you like to thank anyone ?Bibano: Master Osvaldo and “Pina”, “Janjão”, Grazielle(my girlfriend), GRACIE Sports, Koral Kimonos and FechaCom, these are good sponsors !

OTM: Thanks for you time Fernandes. Bibano:Thanks for the opportunity guys!

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