Bibiano Fernandes On Demetrious Johnson’s BJJ: “I Submitted Him All The Time”


Wilson Reis is fighting Demetrious “Might Mouse” Johnson soon…

Bibiano Fernandes is Mighty Mouse’s teammate, and, like Reis is extremely skilled in jiu jitsu…

He recently did an interview on whether or not he thought the champ (also his training partner) was ready for the onslaught of BJJ that DJ would be sure to face in his upcoming fight…

“People say this is going to be a great fight because Wilson has a great jiu-jitsu, but I have a high-level jiu-jitsu and I know what I’m talking about,” Fernandes told MMA Fighting. “If I haven’t showed him this tricks on the ground, maybe it would be a tough fight, I won’t lie to you. But he understands things. It will be a good fight, but this kid (Johnson) is tough, and I know how Wilson fights.”

“When I started training with Demetrious, I’ll be honest with you, I submitted him all the time,” Fernandes said. “You can ask him that, there are interviews on YouTube where he says that. But his evolution was insane. We are training together for years, and now this kid is incredibly tough on the ground. It’s hard to submit him now. I saw his evolution since our first training together. His ground game is amazing. He has an incredible grappling game for MMA.”

“I wasn’t surprised because MMA is an interesting sport,” Fernandes said. “It’s hard to stay 100 percent in every aspect of the game. I have to be alert all the time. He was caught in that choke, but that showed how hard it is to tap him. He won’t tap. He’ll go until the end.”

“I like Wilson,” said Fernandes, who won the gold medal that day. “I remember pulling guard, Wilson trying to pass and putting pressure, but I came back and caught him with an armbar. But Wilson is good, man. He’s tough.”

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