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OPICS COVERED IN THIS EMAIL: I. New FFA School in Miami!II. ADCC Competitor Gazzy Parman Training at FFA and Mentioned in Miami HeraldIII. David Avellan Offering Private LessonsIV. BOTH Avellan Brothers officially in ADCC! ——————————————————————————————————————————– I. NEW FFA SCHOOL IN MIAMI! FFA has a great announcement – the grand opening of a FFA program at the Tenshin Dojo! The program is being headed by FFA Brown Belt and undefeated professional fighter Jorge Masvidal – along with FFA Black Belt and co-head instructor Marcos Avellan.

A mix of kickboxing, wrestling, and jiujitsu is being offered – our authentic Freestyle classes. Classes are being offered on Tuesday and Thursday from 8:15pm to 9:15pm. For more information, please contact Jorge Angulo at (786) 426-1645 or by email at .

FFA @ Tenshin Dojo12960 SW 122 AvenueMiami, FL 33186(786) 426-1645

This is our southern most FFA program. It is easy to get to, its right off the Turnpike’s “SW 120 ST” exit – next to the Signature Gardens. For precise directions, please give the school a call at the number above.


Grappling superstar Gazzy Parman will be training with FFA for the ADCC tournament. She will be flying alongside with the Avellan brothers to compete versus the world’s best grapplers. Gazzy will be participating in the first ever women’s world championships.

While in town, the Miami Herald and the Miami New Times both did articles on Gazzy that will be in the newspapers next week. They interviewed Gazzy and were also very interested in her special EBAY auction.

Gazzy is auctioning the advertising spot on her fightshorts (butt) for the ADCC tournament. Not only is this a great opportunity to gain a lot of advertising and exposure – but it’s helping Gazzy accomplish her dreams of being the best female grappler in the world. For more details about this auction, please visit

The auction expires this Saturday at 11:00am – so check it out before then! Thanks for supporting Gazzy and FFA!


Champion submission grappler David Avellan is now offering private lessons at FFA. David is considered to be one of the top grapplers in the United States, having beaten big names, such as Rener Gracie, in competition. His accomplishments have earned him an invitation to the ADCC World Championships – without having to go through a qualifier!

If you would like to reserve a time slot to work one on one with David, please contact Marcos at or by phone at 305-225-4610. David is also willing to work semi-private lessons, which is a private lesson for two to four people – which gives a discount to the participants.


The ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club) tournament is by far the most prestigious sport grappling tournament in the world. The world championships are held once every two years and held in different parts of the world, such as Saudi Arabia and Brazil. This year, for the first time, it is being held in the United States (Long Beach, CA).

Each country has its own qualifiers to send representatives to the tournament. Marcos Avellan won the North American qualifiers at 88kg (193.5 pounds). David Avellan wasn’t able to attend the qualifiers due to work obligations – so his invite was hanging in limbo for a while.

However, yesterday FFA received the call from the ADCC promoters, confirming that due to David’s excellent competition record, he has received his invitation to the tournament! He will be taking Marcos’ place at 88kg and Marcos will be going down a weight class to 77kg (169 pounds). So both brothers will be representing FFA and the United States in the world championships!

The event is taking place on May 28. Some of the students are going to be flying out, myself included, to check out the action. If you are interested, talk to Marcos.

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