Bisping Beat Silva; New Feud Arises

Michael Bisping pulled off the single biggest win of his career and became only the second man to defeat Anderson Silva in the Octagon. While many people believe he showed have lost that fight and was finished at the end of the third round, at the end of the day he is the true winner on the scorecards and that is all that really matters. He could be ready for a title shot next, but that may be a bit off considering that the rematch between Rockhold and Weidman will not happen for a little bit.

All of this has not stopped Bisping from starting anew feud with he man that fought Silva last before him. That is right Nick Diaz started to talk trash with Bisping this weekend after his win. It started when Diaz reposted a meme of Bisping saying,, “Stay undefeated at home even after getting knocked out.” Bisping is never one to take things lightly and responded in kind with multiple statements.

This could set up a huge match for FOX or PPV upon Diaz’s return if they do not have off earlier because with Diaz he may fight anytime anywhere. Diaz was supposed to be suspended for 5 years after his failed drug test in his match with Anderson Silva, but that was overturned in favor of an 18 month suspension which will have him fighting later this year. Still it may be hard to sell considering that Diaz has not won in nearly five years and has not won in three fights, the same span.

Bisping on the other hand has been streaking with three straight wins and 4-1 in his last five with his only loss coming to the current Middleweight champion. This is a resurgence of sorts with Bisping as he has not been on this type of streak in years and arguably against better competition.Now. the question is if he goes after the title or the money, because the fight with Diaz, while arguably nonsensical, is a fight that will make a lot of money.

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