BJ Penn Plans Comeback

Many people thought that BJ Penn would retire from the sport after the two vicious beating laid on him at the hands of Nick Diaz and Rory MacDonald. Unfortunately, it looks like those fights just primed BJ for another supposed run at the top. In the unlikeliest of events Penn now finds himself a contender in a new division he has never even fought at before. Luckily he is going down in weight instead of up in weight this time. That is right, for the first time in his career Penn has made the smart choice and headed below 155 to the featherweight division, and how all this came about is still a bit confusing. According to UFC president Dana White, the promotion was trying to set up a match between Urijah Faber and Frankie Edgar, but the two veteran fighters could not agree upon a weight class. This comes out despite Faber’s claims to want super fights no matter what division they are in, but White says that is to the contrary since he would not move back to 145 to fight Edgar. This is when White says he got a text out of the blue with Penn professing to want a bout with recently dethroned Benson Henderson. The logic would point to Penn wanting to get back into the title picture in the division he once cleared at lightweight, but once again according to White Penn was asking for that fight all in hopes of a win being enough to push for a third match with Edgar. That is when White floated the idea of the two coaching opposite on TUF leading up to a rubber match between the two. White also says that Penn wants to make a run at Jose Aldo’s title, and with his fame and cult fan base do not be surprised to see him jump line with a win or two at 145. All of this happened so quick that fans are sure to start calling Penn a threat to Aldo’s title before him even entering the cage as a featherweight. That is how things go in the UFC sometimes, all demand without the logic.

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