BJ PENNs Canadian Tour (seminar review) 2008

BJ IS BACK! Literally, he was just here.

For your MMA and grappling needs in Canada (and official representitive of OTM check out FightPlanet ( Several months ago, this OTM reporter did a review of a BJ Penn seminar up north in Canada. Many things have changed since that short time, such as a whole season of Ultimate Fighter and more importantly, BJ Penn being back to top form and showing the world on LIVE FREE television, once again why he is the Pound4Pound #1 fighter in the world. Outclassing and outsmarting Jens Pulver all season, then humbling Jens in the finale with a 2nd round victory! BJ IS BACK! Literally, he was just here.

BJ returned to Missasauga Ontario Canada to teach a seminar with over 110 participants and 50 spectators. The seminar was hosted at the Kombat Arts Training Academy ( and was once again brought to the public by Pound 4 Pound ( This time Pound4Pound showcased new products, namely their dyed rashguards along with four new short styles. Many who attended BJs last seminar returned again and was pleased to learn newer techniques and strategies that the prodigy presented to the crowd.

Amongst the techniques demonstrated, BJ showed the over arm Guilotine (made famous by Renzo) and the intriquicies of it. Where to move your hips and how to defend it as well are things that the common TUF fan would have never imagined! BJ than progressed into a couple more defences that end up inflicting pain on the person doing the guillotine. BJ switched back and forth from BJJ techniques to fight techniques. How to pass the legs when on top and follow up with a strike, or some different ways to triangle a striking opponent when in your guard were some of the moves that awed the audience. Oh and lets not forget BJ busting out some crazy guard passes and sweeps that he has used back in his BJJ competition days.

Just like BJs new book (MMA-Book of knowledge) BJ covered several different aspects of fighting. From staying in the pocket and striking to taking a person down against the cage, to gogoplatas, BJ showed all! At the conclusion of the seminar, BJ basically did a Q&A for all the participants and stop until there was no more questions. If there was ever a move you wanted to learn from BJ, this was the time. He showed how he did the back transition on Hughes (#2), more dope mount passes, when to shoot off strikes, how a person can develop his strong flexibility and much much more.

Amongst the participants of the seminar, there was a mix of some of Canadas top competitors in BJJ, Submission and even MMA veterans who left their ego at the door to learn from the worlds top lightweight fighter!

Once again BJ was accompanied by his brother Reagan. Reagan assisted in the teaching and sparred with people as well. Im not sure of how much background the participants had on Reagan, but after the seminar they discovered what its like to roll with a mundial BJJ champ. Okay It was back in the day, but Reagan flowed effortlessly from submission to submission raising eyebrows with all and leaving all wondering whats in the Penn genes.

Oh yeah, BJ also sparred and as always, was able to show his incredible flexibility and jiu-jitsu skills that were superior to any this reporter has ever seen.

The following day, BJ attended a meet and greet in Hamilton,Ontario at Philthy McNastys ( . Hundreds of loyal fans waited to meet the former UFC champion as well as local Muay Thai Champion Samir Saif. The meet and greet allowed for his fans to ask questions like“who hes fighting next? to “what about Sherk?¦ and was a great success enjoyed by all who attended. Amongst the vendors in attendance were, the events main sponsor, Pound 4 Pound (, Urban Samuraii (available at Fight Planet) Hercs Nutrition (, and Fight Planet (

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