BJJ In Bend Oregon: Rio de Janeiro Style Jiu Jitsu Is In Bend & It’s Free

“There is no secret to building yourself into a good competitor or practitioner of jiu-jitsu. It comes down to will to achieve and the drive that goes hand in hand with that will.

Good work ethic is essential, as the more effort put forth into jiu-jitsu the more it gives back. Build a good core of basic techniques, sharpen them with a consistent habit of training and stick to it.  

Believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities and stay focused on your goals.”

– Professor Dennis Asche – Connection Rio Academy Owner & Founder

Connection Rio Jiu Jitsu Academy is the result of Professor Dennis Asche’s lifetime experience in the martial arts. A literal dream turned reality. The technical knowledge and core values taught at Connection Rio Academy come from real life experience on and off the mat. They provide the best possible level of instruction and most effective techniques, overseen by a qualified professor…

BJJ In Bend Oregon: Rio de Janeiro Style Jiu Jitsu Is In Bend & It's FreeBJJ In Bend Oregon: Rio de Janeiro Style Jiu Jitsu Is In Bend & It's FreeBJJ In Bend Oregon: Rio de Janeiro Style Jiu Jitsu Is In Bend & It's FreeBJJ In Bend Oregon: Rio de Janeiro Style Jiu Jitsu Is In Bend & It's Free


Here is what just a few happy BJJ students have to say about training with Professor Dennis Asche

“I was really inspired by Dennis Asche and his teaching methods, which I will endeavour to incorporate into my own teaching style. This realisation came to me as I found that when I travelled to other gyms within Rio, to train and roll, my ability to hit guard passes on Jiu Jitsu practitioners much better than I had increased directly as a result of Dennis’ classes and his philosophy on training. At some points in sparring, specifically guard passing, I honestly felt that I had the ability to see through the matrix… I was Neo and I knew Jiu Jitsu.” 

– Cristiano Del Giacco, Australia

“Safe to say both my movement and gas tank were tested to the limit in this awesome lesson. Thanks to Dennis, I was able to pick up not only the specific drills but also a system of drilling which is effective in both reinforcing and refining technique and can be applied to all positions. The lessons learned here had been a complete eye opener for me and something that has changed the way that I think about my own drilling.”

– Andrew ‘Moz’ Morris, UK

“Technique so clean, so crisp, so dynamic. Dennis Asche is one of my favorite instructors, I have been a fan of his for a long time and a few days ago had the pleasure of participating in one of his classes and lemme tell you that it was every bit as technical, insightful, and exhausting as I thought, Dennis’ eclectic style is filled with concepts and nuances that are a revelation. Thank you professor for the training, hope to visit you once again on my next trip down here.”

– ‘the Angry Ronin’ Pabs Carela, Bronx, USA

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Connection Rio Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Bend Oregon is located on 61470 S Hwy 97 #3a… And is within easy driving distance of Redmond, Springfield, Lebanon,  Eugene,  Corvallis, Salem, Canby, Oregon City & Sunriver Oregon

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