Black Belt Pro Am Quick Results

Riberio brothers split top prize

FULL Results:


Joao Cunha over Rodrigo Texeria points

Saulo Riberio over Shawn Williams (collar choke from back)

Cameron Earle over Paulo Guilobel (7-2)

Javi Vazquez over Frederico Sabbatini 10-8 (Good match! Frederico stepped in on two days notice when Cassio Werneck was injured and Javi stepped in on 8 hours notice when Joao Silva pulled out at the last second!)

Saulo Riberio over Joao Cunha collar choke from back

Cameron Earle over frederico Sabbatini 2-0 (Javi pulled his already injured groin and opted out, so Frederico replaced him).

Saulo Riberio over Cameron Earle choke from back.

Saulo takes $2500 prize.

Heavyweight tournament

Leo Dalla over Arthur Ruff points

Rafael Lovato Jr. over Bento Riberio points

Kurt Osiander over Guigo de Jesus (overtime, points)

Xande Riberio over Pal Marki (armbar from guard, quick)

Rafael Lovato Jr. over Leo Dalla (collar choke, back side)

Xande Riberio over Kurt Osiander (shoke)

Xande Riberio over Rafael Lovato Jr. (Armbar 🙂

Xande takes the $2500 prize. The winners of the lightweight division and heavyweight divisions were to fight, but seeing as how the brothers wone they split.

Rafael Lovato Jr. over Cameron Earle (mounted choke) for third place over all)


Cleber Luciano over Johnny Ramirez 3-0 Exciting match with Cleber battling to pass Johnny’s guard most of the match.

Fabio Santos over Aloisio Silva by rear collar choke in about two minutes. Alosio pulled guard, which Fabio quickly passed, took the back and secured the choke leaving Alosio a bit bloody.

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