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Non Profit Donation to Help "at risk and underprivileged 
Children & Youth
BlackMat MMA  is an official 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization teaching Mixed Martial Arts to boys and girls, young adults and to help “at risk ” and  “under-privileged”  kids in the city of Whittier, California, and the surrounding  cities. BMMMA was founded in 2003 to provide boys and girls and young adults a safe haven;  a place where they could feel safe, be respected, and be treated with dignity and honesty. A place where they  can grow asa martial artist, but most importantly as human beings. At Black Mat they learn the discipline to make changes in their young lives that will help them achieve their goals starting with graduation from middle school then high school and the importance  of  higher education. Each child or youth is able to train five times a week. Upon arrival each student is welcomed with a hug by trainers and fellow students. They are taught the skills of Boxing,  Jiujitsu,  Judo, SubmissionWrestling , Kickboxing,Wrestling  &  Self  Defense. Through training they are taught humility, patience, self control, and awareness before self defense.The kids are also taught love, acceptance, compassion and respect for one another. After training the kids have an opportunity to discuss any issues that may be of concern in their lives. New kids may be paired with a mentor, usually another student who has 
been attending BMMMA for a year or longer. The students participate in competitions throughout Southern California. They also participate in community service by sharing their testimonies to  “at risk kids”  in the Vida program ran by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept. Over the last  8 years Black Mat has served over 800 kids who have stayed in school, out of trouble and have graduated. Many are currently serving in the Armed Forces. 
Staff is available to all students and parents for mentoring, support 
and tutoring 24 hours  a day,  7 days a week.
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California has the highest rank of all states when it comes to troubled youth and teens. According to a study from October 2009, children have been directly or indirectly exposed to violence in the last year. Nearly half of the children and adolescents were the victims of a violent assault and more than one in ten were injured as a result. According to U.S. Attorney General Holder, youth Violence needs to be addressed as a public health problem and not exclusively as only a criminal justice concern. 
In the last ten years more attention has been placed on the underlying issues associated with the at risk youth population. These issues include violence, sex, youth crime, poor academic performance and high dropout rates. At risk youth struggle with issues that are complicated and are a result of problems brought on by peers, teachers, and mentors and from social environment. Parents and social agencies are being forced to work as a team in order to find solutions to this growing problem.  As a result there is an increase in the interest to bring communities together to create programs geared towards the education and prevention.  The best way to remedy this problem is to prevent these teens from getting into trouble in the first place and to help the ones already in trouble find their way out. One place that has successfully completed this mission is Black mat MMA. The founder, Coach Koon, realizes what it takes to make a difference in these teens’ lives. He has made it his mission to help in any way possible.
This organization started out in the home garage of Coach Koon. One of his neighbors came home and asked if he can train with him. During the course of the training the boy became comfortable enough to open up about the problems he was having in his life. The organization has come a long way since being in the garage. Coach Koon and his staff have been able to move from the garage into a commercial building.  Black Mat MMA is more than just a gym to work out in. The staff provides a place for teens to come and stay out of trouble. The teens learn so much more than just martial arts here. The teens get the sense that someone cares about them and that people are cheering for them to make something out of their lives. For some of the clients the staff members at black mat are the only people who are rooting for them to succeed.  Coach Koon and his staff of volunteers offer a variety of services to the teens, including tutoring, counseling and alcohol and drug prevention. Coach Koon has one goal for all of his members and that is to graduate high school and he also encourages them to consider going on to college. 
Black Mat MMA is committed to serving at risk youth, the underprivileged and now children with obesity issues. This organization is highly committed to meeting these children’s needs by helping them to become exemplary citizens.  We believe that this organization is very valuable to the community and would be able to provide so much more with the appropriate funding. Black Mat MMA is the only non profit of its kind in the area. There are no other MMA gyms that work with the kids and the families based on a sliding scale. A sliding scale is when the organization adjusts the cost of the services provided based on the amount the family can afford to pay.
                               Mission Statement                                
“The Mission of Black Mat Mixed Martial Arts is to rebuild family values by creating a family environment for under privileged and “at risk” youth and young adults through Mixed Martial Arts as a means to teach respect, self discipline, confidence, family and team relationships. We strive to build emotionally healthy kids   and caring responsible adults”
 “We want to be able to put the vision into action”.


BlackMat MMA is a non profit, 501(c)(3) corporation. All donations to Blackmat MMA are tax deductible. We hereby state that donations will be used in relation to the tax exempt purpose of this organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. BlackMat MMA   Reference: 20-8421827

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