Why did Eddie Bravo check into a cutting edge cancer hospital when he does NOT have cancer? Find out here!

Big Idea Podcast w Eddie Bravo stem cells

Which Treatments was Eddie Bravo doing at CHIPSA Hospital if he doesn’t Cancer? Eddie Bravo paid $200 to learn the true value of nightmares and why they’re essential to human happiness? All this and more on Ed Clay’s The Big Idea Pod Cast

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Anderson Silva, Fabricio Werdum and CHIPSA Hospital Join Forces To K.O. Cancer & Save A Brazilian Man’s Life!

By Brocton Rye / January 29, 2020
Tumor Shrinking CHIPSA Hospital

Recently, MMA legends Anderson Silva and Frabricio Werdum, both natives of Brazil, joined forces with their friend Scotty Nelson, creator of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi company called Lucky Gi and founder of On The Mat, as well as Co-Founder of CHIPSA Hospital, to help a 35-year old Brazilian man named Willy win his fight with […]

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