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MMA seems, finally, getting the focus it deserves in the Brazilian media with websites and newspapers not doing specialized materials about events and fighters. The UFC 126, where Anderson Silva faced Vitor Belfort, won airs of soccer final. Indeed, Anderson was catapulted to the status of superstar, appearing in various media vehicles, including in a story of the most important dominical TV program of Brazil. But, even with that, some insist on taking actions that speak against the sport. One example is the fight that happened at the entrance of Brasil Fight 3, last year, in Belo Horizonte, where a fight between supporters organized of soccer in front of the venue scratched the image of MMA.


"Unfortunately this fight really hurt our plans. We lost our master sponsor Coca Cola, the Gladiator; we lost the local, which was the Chevrolet Hall, and were viewed with suspicion by some former and future sponsors. Thank God, we work very hard and we insist to prove to everybody that MMA is a sport that has nothing to do with that fight and has now, as everyone can see, an entry in the growing media in general", said Tata Duarte, event organizer.


And Tata’s work to heal this wound has several events across the country. Begins with Brasil Fight 4, this time in VIP edition. The event will feature eight fights, being three married fights and five by the match between Bahia and Minas Gerais. Tata spoke about the news of the event.


"We are coming with a new proposal, in a smaller place, with a more select audience, the Brasil Fight VIP Night. We will do an event for 1,000 people, will bring the great champions of the WFE to compete against the staff of Minas Gerais. Highlight the fight of Coelho against Jurandir Sardinha, who should have happened a while ago, and Thiago Michel against Eric Parrudo".


But do not stop there. Tata and Phillip Lima, prosecutors also of WOCS, one of the most solid events of national MMA, promise various editions of both promotions for April and May:


"We will come to do a great work. If all goes well we will do at least 10 editions by joining WOCS and Brasil Fight. To start, this duel between MG x BA, on April 9. On April 20 the WOCS 11, in Brasilia, with GP of 84 kg. On April 29 the WOCS 12, in Campo Grande – MS, with the GP of 77 kg. Already in May 7, we will have WOCS 13, in Juiz de Fora-MG, with a GP for the belt of 66 kg, vacant after the departure of Renan Barão to the UFC. Going forward, we will tell other news", says Tata.


According to Tata Duarte, all events will be broadcast live on the fight. In addition, each ticket entitles you to a different bar service. Tables will be served whiskey, champagne, caipirinha, beer, soda, water and snacks. In the spaces of the chairs, soda, water and beer.


Phillip Lima called everybody for all events:


"I would like to ask for the fighters and coaches of teams interested in participating in our events that send the curriculum of their athletes so we can have a higher register of fighters. The emails are and", he concluded.



BRASIL FIGHT 4: Minas x Bahia

April 09, 2011

Nova Lima, Minas Gerais



– Matheus (Gracie Barra BH/ Caverinha) x Fernandinho (TFT)

– Ju Thai (Gracie Fusion/ Full House) x Dayane dos Santos(Charlie Brown)

– Rogério Paraíba (TFT) x Leandro Gontijo (Gracie Barra BH/ Caverinha)



Challenge MG x Bahia


– Fred Bad Boy (Gracie Fusion/ Full House) x Anderson Dedo (Iuri Carlton)

– Gustavo Coelho (Gracie Fusion BH) x Jurandir Sardinha (Zé Mario Team)

– Marcelo Uirapuru (Gracie Fusion BH) x Renato Castro (Iuri Carlton)

– Thiago Michel (Ely Kickboxing/ Gracie Fusion BH) x Eric Parrudo (Zé Mario Team)

– Vinicius Bohrer (Pantare Negra) x Iuri Terrorista (Zé Mario Team)

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