Brazileiros – Competing in Brazil + Hang Gliding

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Jiu-jitsu! Jiu-jitsu! Real Rio Show heads to the historic Tijuca Tennis Club for the Brasileiros, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu national championships. One of the most well-known BJJ competitions in the world, the Brasileiros attracts the best in Brazilian and international talent.

Find out what it’s really like to compete in Brazil by joining the Real Rio Show at matside, then hear from members of the cast as they describe their experiences on the famous green and yellow tatami.

We move from one type of competition to another. RRS ran a vote where a member of the cast could win a hang gliding trip over the Cidade Maravilhosa… Things escalated quickly, and a bitter battle ensued between two friends. Find out who won the chance to fly over Rio in this episode!

Camera / editing: Hywel Teague

Director / Executive producer: Dennis Asche

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Music: ‘Till Summer Returns’ by Fishy & Psyolopher

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