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Team Lagarto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Interclub at West View Leisure Centre, Preston – Sunday 14th January, 2007Team Lagarto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Interclub at West View Leisure Centre, Preston – Sunday 14th January, 2007

Over twenty five Gracie Barra students competed at the first of what will be many interclubs, organised by Lagarto and Gabriel Kitober; the interclubs are designed to give students the chance to compete in a friendly environment, without the added pressures of large crowds and to gain competition experience and help prepare for the larger more prestigious events on the UK BJJ calendar.

White belts and blue belts competed in -77K and +77K divisions as well as an Absolute for both belts; students were throwing down and representing Gracie Barra clubs from Brierfield, Preston, Doncaster, Stoke and Stockton, with Lagarto and Gabriel Kitober refereeing throughout the event.

Sportsmanship was the name of the day and Lagarto stressed that the event was not a club versus club fight to the death affair, more to learn from each other and from winning and losing and helping to improve the standard of all competitors; from this announcement the matches began in earnest with the white belts.

Aptly named Pitbull, from GB Preston, gave a good account of himself on the mats, winning one match with a slick reverse arm bar, whilst over in the blue belt division Dean Murphy fought a tough match with Doncaster student Washington, winning via points; Murphy went to face Ste Dawson, who had met previously at the SENI event. With Murphy the victor at their first meet, Dawson was looking to make it one a piece; Dawson took the fight to Murphy and constantly attacked, forcing Murphy to defend from the relentless pressure. Murphy had a few attacks of his own up his sleeve and it was a see saw fight, culminating in Murphy snatching an arm bar victory in the dying stages of the fight.

Brierfield student Sam Grundy made a lasting impression on the referees in his first match in the white belt division, winning with ease via reverse kimura and then coasting along to a comfortable points win over his second opponent, displaying both offensive and defensive skills, to take the winners spot in his division. In the Absolute, Grundy faced a taller and heavier opponent from Stockton, taking the fight straight to his opponent and narrowly lost the match, losing on points 4-2.

A number of white belts were competing for the first time and shook off the pre fight nerves and gamely stepped onto the mats and gave it their best shot. Some won and some lost, but for the losers, defeat was accepted with a smile and a firm handshake and a promise to get back on the mats as soon as possible and start training for the next competition. The interclub format aims to be a monthly affair and hopefully more students will be present at the next event, stepping up and laying it on the line for their respective club – after all, what have you got to lose?!

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