Brock Good to Go With Hero’s

LAS VEGAS, August 12, 2006 — It was revealed today that American fighting star Brock Lesnar has reached an agreement to compete in the FEG-produced Hero’s mixed martial arts series.

Lesnar attended the University of Minnesota on a wrestling scholarship and took the 2000 National Collegiate Athletic Association title before making the move to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where he captured the World Championship Belt. The beefy Lesnar has participated in numerous fightsport and athletic competitions, including a stint with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

The 29 year-old fighter made the announcement from center-ring at the K-1 World GP ’06 in Las Vegas II at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. He will be training with mixed martial arts legend Royce Gracie of Brazil, and the two appeared at a press conference after the K-1 event.

“The doors of opportunity are opening for me,” said Lesnar. “Training for mixed martial arts is not easy, I have to learn striking, kicking, defense and submissions. But I have Royce Gracie to help me, he’s the man in mixed martial arts so it’s a no-brainer — I’m honored to be working with him.”

“K-1 asked me to train Brock, to build my own champion” said Gracie. “He’s a professional athlete and wrestler so I will teach him some finishing holds. I have never worked with anyone this size, since I don’t have his physique I’ll show him what I know, as long as he promises not to come back and fight me and my family later!”

Asked what sort of style he hopes to develop in Hero’s, Lesnar had a clear idea: “I was a takedown artist in wrestling, and I hope to do that again. My goal is to get guys on the ground — that’s what I’m comfortable with — and then beat their heads in!”

Lesnar’s debut Hero’s fight is tentatively set for the United States in February 2007, the venue and Lesnar’s opponent have yet to be announced.

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