Brock Lesnar Fails Drug Test

A failed drug test is what pulled Jon Jones from the UFC 200 fight with Daniel Cormier. The return of former Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is a big part of what kept the UFC 200 card afloat after the loss of Jones and the previous loss of the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz rematch. A lot of people had a huge dispute over Lesnar’s return after he was not technically under the watchful eye of USADA due to getting an exemption and even with eh exemption he was tested six times since announcing his return. One of those test has yielded a positive test.

Just 11 days before his fight, Lesnar was tested but it took until yesterday for the results to come out and unfortunately they do not look good for the self proclaimed “Jacked white boy” who has been accused of illegal usage his whole career. Now, this test is qualified as out of competition which is kind of up in the air for a failed test. Jon Jones failed out of competition for the use of cocaine. Now, did Lesnar fail for steroids or something else? We may never know since it is the fighter’s prerogative to disclose that  information but everyone is sure to condemn him shortly. What do you think of this startling news about Lesnar’s failed drug test?

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