Brock Lesnar Post Fight Interview

Brock Lesnar needed 1:09 just to stop Min Soo Kim with a barrage of punches from the mount at K1 Dynamite. OTM: So this is your MMA debut and you came out with a win, tell me how you feel about that?

Brock: I’m glad its over, I really enjoyed it! (It has been) A long time training for my first fight and It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m disappointed because I didn’t get to fight Hong Man at the last minute but I still wanted to fight, and I’m very excited about the victory.

OTM: In the future what do you thing is going to help you advantageously when competing against the opponents with say a heavy Jiu Jitsu background or impressive striking? Are you preparing for it all or are you planning to center your training on a fight by fight basis?

Brock: Absolutely, I wanted to come into this fight being well rounded. I was prepared to strike this evening but he gave me his leg so it just happened like that.

OTM: This being your first fight did you feel aware in the ring or were you just running on instinct as far is your technique goes?

Brock: Well, I felt very comfortable in there. Like I said I was prepared to strike and he fed me his leg he kicked and it was just instinct so I just had to go with that.

OTM: It’s been a long time since you competed on this sort of level where you didn’t know what was going to happen, Can you talk about the emotions you were going through, or some of those old feelings of competition as you were getting ready for the fight?

Brock: You know that’s all in the training. I try to put myself, (in that mind set) in my sparring sessions and in my grappling sessions, you know you try to get that out of the way before you actually… I knew that I was going to feel some unfamiliarity’s tonight, but I didn’t want to feel them. So in my training we trained really hard. I got good people with me, you know, I really enjoy my camp. (Editors note: Brock prepared at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy under Greg Nelson, also the school where current UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk trains at).

OTM: Can you elaborate on your enthusiasm to compete in MM and how much more you want to compete in MMA?

Brock: I’m very enthused. I’m just glad it’s behind me now. I was a pro wrestler, I tried out for football, you know. For me I had a point to prove tonight that I am a fighter and I have a very big heart for this fight game and I’ll be around for a while, as long as my body allows me to. I’m not going to get crazy with it, for me I’m going to get in to get out of it and to make a statement and I got nothing to prove, for me each fight that I choose will be an educated choice for me and my people. This is a business and however long my body and whenever I feel like the training…This training cycle for me went very well and injury free, but it was very painful. I’m 30 years old and I’ve done a lot with my body, but I feel really good!

OTM: In Japan it’s not too uncommon for a pro wrestler to try out or perform in MMA, and in the states it seems there is a difference, was there any pressure on you to put yourself out there?

Brock: I’m an amateur wrestler first of all, pro wrestler second. There was a little pressure, but my amateur wrestling is who I am and I’m going to evolve into a fighter. Unfortunately I have this black cloud over my head because I was a pro wrestler. It just goes to show that even thought pro wrestling is a scripted sport it is entertainment, this is entertainment but its real when I get in the ring, and I just had a great time.

OTM: What goals have you set for yourself, what goals do you wish to set for yourself? After this, what’s next for you after this what goals do you wish to accomplish in this MMA game?

Brock: Really, I haven’t even thought about it. I want to go and celebrate with my family; I had a lot of fans here and a lot of support. Get back to the hotel and hunker down with my family, my family is very important to me and I’m going to take a week off or so and get out and red-neck a little bit and shoot some guns. Whatever happens happens. I haven’t really set anything, I just wanted to get this one over with and get a victory.

OTM: What was the element that you believe let you win?

Brock: I just wanted to be relentless tonight at whatever it was and just fight my fight tonight. My wrestling instincts took over when he kicked at me and once I got…my transmission into Jiu Jitsu has been very well, my top game, my mount game, I’m very confident. I was very prepared to strike tonight but I didn’t get to show it but it is what it is.

OTM: When you stepped into the ring tonight did you feel that everything you had done before this point kind of led up to this, what were your feelings?

Brock: I wanted to enjoy the moment, and I just kind of absorbed everything. I had some nerves, but once I got into the ring I really felt like I was at home. The worst thing he could have done was get in my face like he did right away, and that just…I was ready to go. I’m glad he did that, it really pissed me off!

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