BTT public statement on unauthorized people using BTT’s name and trademark

Dear friends of the fighting media, Due to some unauthorized people using BTT`s name for personal commercial interests, we would like to make a public statement to prevent the fighting community of being fooled and avoid prejudices of any kind to our friends and fans.

Brazilian Top Team affiliated academies are listed in our website at No former team members or other members that represent BTT in competitions are allowed to represent, or have the right to make particular businesses, or either, be able to represent BTT in any commercial negotiation, or before any company. Any negotiations in name of BTT are conducted only with BTT founders contact and approval.

Only the affiliated academies listed below have the right of use of the name and trademarks of BTT outside Brazil and strictly for instructional purposes, no other commercial uses are allowed. If you have been contacted by anybody other than BTT founders (Sperry, Bustamante or Duarte) for any kind of business, please contact us at


Sperry, Bustamante and Duarte


Quebec > Montreal – Fabio Hollanda


Massachusetts > Boston – Daniel Gazoni

Missouri > Kansas City – Suyan Queiroz

Califórnia > Long Beach – Marcelo Perdomo


Stockholm > Hilti BJJ – Rikard Anderssen


Paris >BTT-France РRoan Carneiro Juc̣o

Biarritz > BTT- Biarritz – Zé Marcello & Yannick Beven


England > BTT – London Bridge – Zé Marcello > BTT – Slough – Zé Marcello >BTT – Milton Keynes – Zé Marcello


Zurich > BTT Switzerland – Augusto Frota


Barcelona > BTT-Barcelona – Rafael Haubert

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