Bud Cup 2008 First Batch of Videos!

For more event details, please check out www.GlobalGrappling.com Another great weekend in Charlotte North Carolina as the first big grappling event of 2008, the Bud Cup has been completed! The event highlight was the Pro Divisions divided into an under and over 185 pound weight class. Ruben “Cobrinha” Charles takes the lower weight category, submitting all of his opponent in impressive fashion and Jeff Monson wins the over. We’ve got a full report, results and a TON of video to upload from this weekend. Andrew Smith vs Sly http://onthemat.com/video/watch/186915517/Andrew-Smith-vs-Sly Rueben Charles vs Ryan Hall http://onthemat.com/video/watch/619163280/Rueben-Charles-vs-Ryan-Hall Under 185 Pro Division Match http://onthemat.com/video/watch/352840016/Bud-Cup-2008-Pro-Division-Match Rick Macauley vs Ian McPherson http://onthemat.com/video/watch/1181020039/Rick-Macauley-vs-Ian-McPherson Ruben Charles Round 2 http://onthemat.com/video/watch/1356712298/Ruben-Charles Keep checking back, we’re going to upload tons of video from the event. For more event details, please check out www.GlobalGrappling.com

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