Bud Cup 2011 – January 29th, 2011 (Charlotte, NC)

Joe Hurst’s Bud Cup is back as many of you know this is one of our all time favorite tournaments to go to and to compete in. This event always draws many of the best grapplers from the east coast and mid west. Last year was a total blast and this year looks to be better than ever!

Here is a quick note from Joe!

"We have more this year more interest than last year, and a lot more kids interested in coming too. There will be MMA that night and 50% off tickets if you go to The Bud Cup. This will be our biggest year ever!  So big we are moving to the Grady Cole Center which is 2Xs the size of last year’s venue. Tons more seating.. More IBJJF Refs to make the event move faster and keep the matches going.

Great prizes like a 32" LCD Flat screen and 7 MP3 players to be give out right after rules meeting so you don’t have to wait till the end…. Prizes will be given out to all competitors in a random drawing.


This year there are more higher belts emailing in already.. Two World class Black Belts will be having Super fights. And, Jeff Monson who has won 5 of the last 8 years Bud Cups has emailed me saying he is planning to return.


Trying to make it better each year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See you there!"

I’ll be there for sure!

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