Bud World Cup coming Jan 20th & 21

It will be held at a very classy 30,000 sq ft venue with very high ceilings. It will be the sharpest Bud Cup to date. We do our very best to make every competitor feel welcomed and most importantly have a good time. $1,000.00 paid directly to only the winner.

The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord North Carolina is where the Event is being Held.

Gi divisions of all ages and weights will be held on Sat. Jan. 20th.

No Gi will have the same Divisions and will be held on Sun. Jan 21st

Pro Divion will have Greats Like returning 3X Bud Cup Champion and U.F.C. Veteran and top Heavy weight Fighter Jeff Monson. Former Bud Cup Champion, Raphael Lavato Jr have both stated they were coming. Remco Pardouel from Holland a Judo BB and tough BJJ player and 2X U.F.C. Vetern said he is coming again! This event will be slammed packed with star talent and is as always made for them as equally, as it is for each and everyone that comes. We will all enjoy a good day of Jiu Jitsu.

A 30,000 sq. Ft. Facility at the Arena is where it will all go down. It promises to be one Awsome event.

15% off for Military

Gumby and Scotty will be There!


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