Bud World Cup

I just wanted to invite everyone to come out to the Nationals by Bud. Last year it was apart of the Ultimate Man’s Weekend we are doing it every Sept and the Bud World Cup every Jan. The event will be held in Concord NC on Sept 30th Oct 1st Gi on the 30th and No Gi on Sunday. Last year we had a large childerns division and over 250 competitors.

This year we are doing the 30 and over Masters Divison as always and then adding also an Executive Divison. So it will be as enjoyable as possible for all.

Please goto our web site www.budworldcup.com the pre-reg is now up with all the weight classes and divisions for all to see. They just finished that portion and the event Location and this years Hotel will also be updated and will be up by the end of this week.

Hope to see you all there!

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