Henry Akins Rickson Gracie BJJ Black Belt

Budo Videos This Week In BJJ Episode 63 with Henry Akins Part 1

Budo Videos This Week In BJJ Episode 63 with Henry Akins Rickson Gracie Black Belt Part 1

This is an amazing interview by Budo Jake with Rickson Gracie’s fastest Black Belt Henry Akins from Dynamix BJJ in Santa Monica.  Jake cover’s how Henry left Oklahoma to search out Rickson in California and started training with him.  Henry tell the story of what it was like growing up training with Rickson and being there for the epic years of when Rickson was in his prime training and fighting Vale Tudo world wide.

Henry and Jake talk about the effectiveness of Rickson’s Jiu Jitsu compared to other BJJ he has seen around the world teaching seminars.  They talk about Rickson and Henry’s opinions on new school BJJ techniques.

Henry tells the stories for the old days with the Gracie challenge and fighting crazy guys that just walk in off the street.  Guys showing up with throwing stars and other crazy stuff like that.  LOL He also talks about the change is what Jiu Jitsu was designed for how BJJ was originally to beat all other martial arts but now people train Jiu Jitsu to beat Jiu Jitsu not wrestling, Kung Fu, Thai Boxing or any other martial art.

The difference between training for sport BJJ, self defense and modern MMA.  He talks about how the excitement for competition can stray a person from the self defense art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.



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