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Jeff Monson has a close friend who is battling cancer. Jeff is raising needed funds, and has put together the most collectible piece of MMA paraphenalia I have ever seen!

This one of kind pair of UFC Jeff Monson Fight Shorts Signed by several Champions including Chuck Liddell, Andre Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Josh Barnett, Randy Couture and many many more…, Marcus Aurelio and other Pride Fighters and of course Jeff Monson.

The proceeds from these shorts will be donated to a very close person to Jeff who is battling cancer. Please get aggressive and bid as much as possible to help support this great cause. Shipping is included.

“UFC fight shorts from the couture/liddell 3 card have just been put on ebay. these shorts have been signed by ALL the fighters on the couture/liddell 3 show including couture, liddell, mir, etc. the shorts also have additional signatures such as: arlovski, sylvia, marcus aurelio, militech, mike bisping and ed herman (tuf 3 show), josh barnett, ‘big’ john mcCarthy, the ‘latin’ snake (winner of contenders show), and other ufc fighters. the money raised will benefit chance dailey who is in seattle going thru chemotherapy. his insurance only covers a fraction of the cost of the treatment. please let others know. thanks and much appreciated.”

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