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The C3 Patriot Games BJJ/SW Tournament is right around the corner and will be taking place in less than 2 weeks! For more information and directions to the event visit www.c3fighter.com. grappling PRE-REGISTRATION Save yourself some time and money on competitionday! Save 10 dollars for Pre-Registration On-line. Pre-Registration ENDS JULY 10th!!! Pre-Registration Price$55 for Adults ($65 at the door)$35 for Kids ($45 at the door) All competitors that Pre-Register receive a free t-shirt the day of the event! CLICK HERE TO PRE-REGISTERgrappling UPCOMING GRAPPLING EVENTS 07/12/2008: C3 BJJ/SW Tournament – Gary, Indiana10/04/2008: C3 BJJ/SW Tournament – Nashville, TN (Tentative)01/24/2009: C3 BJJ/SW Tournament – Gary, IN (Tentative)C3 is always looking to improve. If you have any ideas or comments please email us and let us know what you think. See you at the tournament! C3 Promoters

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