C3 Grappling Tournament

On July 29th, 2006 the C3 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Submission Grappling Tournament is back!!!

C3 (Corral’s Combat Classic) will be hosting its 3rd tournament called “C3 – The Patriot Games” at E.C. Central High School in East Chicago, Indiana on July 29th, 2006. The tournament will be holding Gi and No-Gi competition for Kids, Teens, Adults, and Masters.

Team McVicker will also be defending their Team Trophey against a soon to be announced challenger. The Team Challenge consists of seven competitors from each team going head to head in Gi competition regardless of belt. The team that wins the most matches goes home with the Team Challenge Trophy and ultimate bragging rights.

As always C3 Strives to be one of the best grappling tournaments, if you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Look Below for changes occurring at the next tournament based on YOUR FEEDBACK.

For more information on C3 or to Pre-Register visit www.C3FIGHTER.com

Event Location:

E.C. Central High School

1100 W Columbus Dr

East Chicago, IN 46312

If you would like a C3 Poster for your school email us your address and we’ll ship you one ASAP.

Some of the BIGGEST changes you will see at the upcoming C3 Tournament:

KIDS DIVISION: Kids will be able to compete in Gi and No-Gi. Weights will be separated every ten pounds and there will be two skill divisions: Beginner (No Submissions) and Advanced (with Submissions).

KIDS DIVISION AWARDS: All kids competing will receive a custom C3 medal.

LOWER PRICES: Adults, Teens, and Masters pay only $55 to compete in Gi and No-Gi. This price also includes the Absolute Division for both as well! Kids Divisions pay $30 dollars for Gi and/or No-Gi. Forgot to Pre-register??? No PROBLEM!! Competitors pay the same price at the door. Competitors that do pre-register will receive a free event t-shirt.

DIFFERENT LOCATION: C3 has moved to a new location with more room to handle this fast growing sport.

MORE MATS: At the last two tournaments, we ran six full size 30’ by 30’ mats. We will now be running NINE full size 30’ by 30’ mats. As always, C3 never uses imaginary lines for ring borders.

WEIGH INS: Weigh Ins are no longer done right before the first match. Competitors will have up until 30 minutes after registration closes for a division to weigh in. (Example: Gi Division Registration Closes at 10 AM. Competitors will have up until 10:30 to weigh in for their Gi Division. If the same competitor is competing in No-Gi, he/she can wait till later in the day when the No-Gi registration ends before weighing in).

MORE SCALES: C3 only utilizes professionally certified scales. Instead of one professional scale we now have 3 to keep waiting to a minimum.

RANKED: C3 is now Nationally Ranked. Visit www.MMA.tv or www.NationallyRanked.com for more information on RANKED!!

WRESTLING SHOES: Wrestling Shoes can now be worn in the No-Gi Divisions.

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