C3 Tournament in 13 Days


The December Show is 13 days away with only one week left to Pre-Register. The show will host an exciting team vs. team challenge that consist of the best 7 competitors of two teams at different weight classes. The event will place the current team challenge champion TEAM MCVICKER against a very strong TEAM MONTEIRO.

Here is the Lineup for both Teams:FeatherweightBilly Hunt (Blue belt)Chris Magalri (Purple Belt )LightweightKyle Watson (Purple Belt)Joao “Pit Bull” Herdy (Bown Belt)MiddleweightPhil Miller (Purple Belt)Jared McMahen (Blue Belt)Light HeavyweightJeff Serafin (Purple Belt)Blake Bruning (Blue Belt)Medium HeavyweightMike Aref (Purple Belt)Aaron Kreke (Purple Belt)HeavyweightScott Hartz (Blue Belt)Leon Lewis (blue belt)Super HeavyweightScott Olsen (Blue Belt)Eric Eads (blue belt)


What would you like to see from C3 as a competitor? C3 is always looking to improve and make this best tournament it can be? If you have any suggestions please email them to us at info@c3fighter.com

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