Cabbage Pre UFC 39

A quick chat with CabbageLegends; Cabbage what is your full name? Cabbage; Wesley John Correira !

Legends: What are your current stats?Cabbage: 6’3″ 273 and happy.

Legends: I know you have a lot of tattoos, which has the most meaning?Cabbage: ALL OF THEM!

Legends: How do you feel today?Cabbage: I feel excellent my friend

Legends: Who are you training with now?Cabbage: I will tell you at the end of the week.

Legends: I heard you are quite the ladies man.Cabbage: They call me Daddy when I clutchin` em.

Legends: When was the last time you had sex?Cabbage: (thinking hard) 2 weeks ago.

[BJ Penn from the side] Are you going to hold out till the fight?Cabbage: HELL NO!

Legends> What Does your sponsors name FoKAI mean?Cabbage: FoKai means to fuck someone or something up.

Legends> Who are your other sponsors?Cabbage: DSO, O’Neal and Designer Body Fitness.

{A little break then we end up in the computer room}

Legends> Are you excited to finally fight Tim Sylvia?Cabbage: Fuck yeah! He won the tournament I should have won. Now I am going to smash him.

[after a slight pause talking to BJ I started to ask him a question he says to me “not now I am busy” as he was just starting to look at online. More later

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