California Extreme Fighting Championships

El Monte, Ca El Monte, Ca – Sometimes in the fight game a fighter’s record doesn’t always tell the whole story. Sometimes it’s the journeymen, the underdog, and the man who is brought in as the opponent who sometimes makes the sport what it is today.

That was the case this past Thursday at the California Extreme Fighting Championships held at the El Monte Sports Arena, coming in a heavy underdog Jason Meaders (4-7) would show a lot of heart and determination as he would KO UFC veteran Roman Mitichyan (5-2).

Coming in with a great game plan Meaders would use footwork, the jab and right hands to keep the Judo based Mitichyan at bay, everytime Mitichyan would attempt to close the distance Meaders would circle out and just land more punches. This would frustrate the UFC veteran and it would eventually be his demise as after a failed takedown attempt from the clinch in the third he would be rocked then viciously KO’ed by Meaders right hand.

In the co main event CSW trained fighter Ben Jones (2-1) would only need a little less then three minutes to finish off his opponent new comer Chris Bien. Using a classic grappler game plan Jones would shoot immediately for the takedown and use positional dominance and ground pound to set up a the guillotine choke that would send the new comer back to the drawing board.

In another dominating performance Hayastan team fighter Sevak Magakian (4-2) would overwhelm Gladiator Challenge veteran Daniel Mancha (1-2). Using his Judo background Magakian would close the distance and set up four highlight reel Uchi Mata style throws to soften up his opponent before finishing him from the side mount using a catch wrestling style straight armbar.

In featherweight action Jared Papazian (3-2) would add another Win to his record as he would stop Unbreakable team fighter Vince Martinez (0-1). Martinez would start strong as he would get the clinch early and go for a suplex style throw only to have Papazian land in top position as both would hit the floor. From that point it would be all Papazian as he would use his punches from the top position to set up the rear naked choke, sending Martinez home still looking for his first pro win.

Magakian would not be the only Hayastan fighter to have success that night as Sarkis Chivitchyan (1-0) would stop tough new comer Noe Rodriguez. From the sound of the bell Chivitchyan would dominate his opponent using punches and clinch work that would wear down the Unbreakable trained fighter, finishing him via TKO stoppage late in the third as the ref would see no response to Chivitchyan punches.

In another dominating performance by the CSW camp, Devin Howard (2-1) would use positional dominance and punches to stop Tony Dalton (2-1) via TKO that night.

In welterweight action Daniel Hernandez (2-5) would make quick work of his opponent CITC veteran Daniel McWilliams (2-6) using the takedown, top position and punches that would force the ref to stop the fight. That night newcomer Andy Dermenjyan would submit Rabid Dog team fighter Miles Howard (0-1) via guillotine choke giving him is first pro win.

In a fast paced 135lbs bout Ring of Fire team fighter Keiichi Matsumoto (1-0) would finish off FistSeries veteran John Merkle (2-2) via strikes in less then one round of action.

Finally on the card Vince Ortiz (3-2) would out point team Rabid dog fighter Phillip Golff (1-3) that night giving the BodyShop trained fighter the unanimous decision victory.

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