Campeonato Cyclone de Submission

Gracie-SP’s Fabio Leopoldo and ChuteBoxer Rodrigo Dammadded to the Dec 11th Campeonato Cyclone de Submissionevent

Since the last card announcements were made by theFederacao de Submission e Lutas de Chao do Estado doRJ, there are some new changes. However, theexcitement of seeing the fights schedule at AmericaGym did not dissipate!

BJJ prodigy Andre Galvao (TT JJ) was replaced bywrestler and BJJ black-belt Rodrigo Damm of ChuteBoxeAcademy in the fight slotted against Daniel Moraes(Gracie Ilha). Damm recently joined his sister (CarinaDamm) at ChuteBoxe. He has won 5 championships atSubmission de Campos and SJ da Barra SubmissionWrestling (two of the most important submission eventsin Brazil). And Damm has won several wrestling and BJJtitles.

“We replaced a possible chess-match on the mat (Galvaovs. Moraes) with a contest where Damm will try toimpose his better takedowns and Moraes will try toout-maneuver it”, stated promoter Mario Miglioli.

The second (and last) replacement at the event will bean 8-man absolute tournament. Danilo Moto-Serra (GBCT)is out due to injury and will be replaced by RyanGracie black-belt Fabio Leopoldo. Leopoldo is aPancrase 2004 Neo-Blood Tournament winner and has inhis resume a 2003 ADCC Brazilian Trials runner-upposition, and also a quick submission over Vale Tudoveteran Jorge ‘Macaco’ Patino in BJJ. This promises tobe high-voltage on the mat.

“We lost a specimen in Moto-Serra when he pulled outdue to an injury, but we found a skilled submissioncompetitor when Leopoldo was offered to replace hiscolleague (Moto-Serra). I’m happy with the way theevent is going and what will be on the verge, even ifwe had two replacements”, stated Miglioli.

Sunday, December 11th at America FC Gymnasium -Pro and Am tournaments-

-Definitive Special absolute 8 man tournament-[boutswill be decided at Dec. 11th) Brunos Bastos (Nova Uniao) Fabio Leopoldo (Gracie-SP) Marcelo ‘Nigue’ Sandes (Gracie Humaita) Leopoldo Serao (Carlson Gracie Team) Roan “Jucao” Carneiro (BTT) Jorge Britto (Gracie Tijuca) Marcelo “Zulu” Santos (Niteroi Wrestling) Leonardo Lucio “Chocolate” Nascimento (RFT)

-Super fights- Alexandre ‘Cacareco’ Ferreira (BTT) vs. Alexandre”Cafe” Dantas (Gracie Barra) Daniel Moraes (Gracie Ilha) vs. Rodrigo Damm(ChueBoxe) Adriano “Nasal” Pereira (BTT) vs. Fabricio “Morango”Camoes (Gracie Tijuca) Leonardo Nogueira (SHOOTO Brazil Dojo) vs. EduardoPessoa (Nova Uniao)

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