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CAPITAL CHALLENGE Its heating up. Dont miss it. Amman, Jordan- Due to the great amount of of emails coming in from all over the world,here are the main details of our event. Our website should be up this weekend. Enlistedathletes so far has reached 200 among white, blue and purple belts. This historic eventwill have state of the art organization making it a one of a kind attraction. The event has alreadyconfirmed local and international TV coverage as well as all major Grappling and MMA Magazines will be present. “Our idea is to make an event, not just a tournament. We have contracted the biggestevent management and event production in the Middle East. The fight areas will include Light, Sound, and Video show. We want to help all our overseas colleagues to make it to our country, we are trying the best we can. This was the reason behind such a high prize for the Brown and Black Belt categories. We want to bring everyone. Even third place participants will be incredibly rewarded” states proudly organizer Zaid Mirza. For inquiries, comments or doubts, please email us at or

Country: JordanCapital: AmmanAirport: Queen Alia International AirportTransportation from airport: Yes (prior notice)Date: 19-20 December, 2008Hotel: Ranges from 50-100usd double room

Competition Details:

5 weight classes per belt -66kg -77kg -88kg -99kg +99kg Weigh in WITH GI before fightAll rules under IBJJF rules.

BROWN & BLACK Belts Together 1st – 10,000USD 2nd – 6,000USD 3rd – 3,000USD

PURPLE Belt 1st – 2000USD 2nd – 1000USD

BLUE Belt 1st – 1100USD 2nd – 550USD

WHITE Belt 1st – 700USD2nd – 350USD

Open weight class combining blk, brown, purple 10,000USD 100USD Cash Prize Money for each Submission!!

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